Radio Flashback - Amazing Harmonies! Performing cool & hip rock tunes of the 70's & 80's Foreigner, Steve Miller, Styx, Grand Funk, Doobie Brothers ,Bad Company, The Sweet, Cheap Trick, etc..Our concerts feature 'rock blocks' of your favorite artists!

The 70’s and 80’s were the pinnacle of the arena rock genre. Big budget concerts and elaborately produced albums were the order of the day. The era is still considered to have produced some of the best rock artists from both sides of the Atlantic. Now you can relive the rock concert experience with a “Radio Flashback” show!  “Radio Flashback" is not just a classic rock band, it is a tribute to the music, the artists and the experiences that we all remember. A “Radio Flashback” performance is like tuning into your favorite radio station and listening to all of the songs you love, as well as incredible “rock blocks” of your favorite artists!  “Radio Flashback” a classic rock tribute band like no other!

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