In the first months of 2012, Craving Strange (the NY rockers that mix the sounds of bands like Foo Fighters, Anberlin, and Buckcherry) has created a spark. Working with people like 6 time Grammy award winning producer Rob Jacobs on their two new singles “Breathe” & “Angeline”; they took that spark and created a flame. Having the single “Angeline” backed by industry visionary Jon Cohen (Cornerstone Promotion) and marketed by Converse (soon to be released as one of their “Features ”) the band hopes will turn that flame into a signal fire that lights a career path for 4 guys that bleed and breathe music and want to bring that music to the world. Mixing influences in rock, pop, alternative and metal, Craving Strange has created a sound that is familiar yet totally their own. Equally at home in front of 2,000 people in a theater opening for Queensryche, to a festival stage with Paramore, to a small club helping to build the local and indie scene; Craving Strange has created a Loud and Loyal following spanning all age groups and walks of life.

With their self-recorded and produced debut album ‘Savior Self’ earning the band two international top 10 charting songs (“Keepers are Killers” and “Tonight We Die For”) as well as the song “Awake and Alone” receiving prominent placement in the film ‘The Burningmoore Incident’, Craving Strange is proving themselves as a band to listen for and a band to watch.

The Band’s newest single and first video “Complicated” has received airplay nationally on Music Mix USA as well as being added to FUSE On Demand. Starting 2012 off with a bang the band traveled to Los Angeles to work on a new album with Grammy winning producer Rob Jacobs. While in LA, Craving Strange rocked two packed shows at the famous Viper Room and the House of Blues on Sunset proving that it’s not just an east coast phenomenon… the Strange is spreading, get ready!

Line Up –
Jimmy Gerovac – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jimi Tassone – Drums
Tommy Went – Bass
Matt Abbate – Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

Sound – Hard Alternative Pop Rock

Recognition –
“Keepers are Killers & Tonight We Die For” certified International Top 10 Single on Internet Radio by IAIRA

“Craving Strange have indeed taken their influences and crafted tracks which work as heavy rock tracks, but equally as moments which you’re going to just sit back and listen to. Personally, I think the time is about right for music of this sort to come back out again, and I’ve got a feeling that these guys could well be leading the charge – one to watch out for” – Dave Nicholls – www. (from the UK)

“Craving Strange live is an experience within itself. Their songs range from topics that make you smile while having a good time, to songs that are so powerful that they make you think. A musical experience worth waiting for.” – Radio J – Aural Fix

“Craving Strange is one of the most impressive young bands I’ve seen in recent memory. They have a congruency that is rare, in a culture where individualism is the rule of the day. these guys are a unit. They all look and sound like they belong together.” Hank Porter –

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