You’ve seen all the tribute bands. You’ve even seen the tribute band that does a tribute to all the other tribute bands. And you sure are tired of hearing ALL the same songs ALL the classic rock bands seem to play ALL the time. You know there has got to be a better choice for live music. And you’re right! Enter 45rpm, the band that plays the songs that time forgot – until now! A treasure trove of songs has gone unappreciated for much too long. Huge 70’s radio hits that are instantly recognizable, but are not “cool” enough for ordinary bands to play. Let’s face it, some of these songs are so cheesy you’d need to up your cholesterol meds. Still, there’s a reason they were million sellers: they really are a lot of FUN! Infectious hooks, great melodies, and incredible production defined AM radio and have woven these tunes into the fabric of our lives. Yet nobody plays them live … until now! 45rpm is six highly skilled, dedicated, and fairly deranged singers and musicians from the New York scene who bring these songs back to life with the veracity they deserve. We recreate some very special music and having a total blast doing so! Consider us cheese connoisseurs. With 45rpm, we revive the songs and the era from which they came with a fun, entertaining, visually engaging show that has the audience singing and dancing along with all those “wow, I remember that one” moments. Come to a 45rpm extravaganza near you and be ready to experience “cheesegasm”!

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